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GHTTC Open GRR September 2019

GHTTC September 2019 Open GIANT ROUND ROBIN Sanctioned tournament to be held on September 22nd 2019 at YMCA Youth and Family Center, 444 Albany Ave, Hartford, CT. Facility is located less than a mile from a highway exit and has the following amenities:

  • Bathrooms
  • Double size gym court with wood floor
  • High ceilings
  • Ample lighting
  • Heating and AC

Our web based tournament software allows to process and post results on our web site as tournament progresses. Online tournament registration ( is a breeze. Your confirmation will be sent to your email address as well as printed on your printer. Players have an option to pay right away using PayPal or mail printed copy with the payment.

Giant Round Robin Rules:

  1. Open to all players
  2. All participants are placed in groups of 6-9 players in descending order according to current or assigned rating.
  3. All matches will be 3 out of 5 games
  4. Cash prizes awarded based on number of participated players. See chart:
  5. Total Players Group A Group B Group C Group D Group E Group F
      1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd 1st 2nd
    12-18 $100 $50   T   T                
    19-27 $150 $75 $50 $25  T   T            
    28-36 $200 $100 $60 $30  T   T   T   T        
    37-45 $300 $150 $75 $35  T   T   T   T   T    T     
    46-54 $400 $200 $100 $50  T   T   T   T   T   T   T    T 



Dates and Fees
Start Date End Date Reg Cuttof Date Rating Eff Date Refund Cutoff Date Registration Fee Rating Fee Late Fee Check In Date
9/22/2019 9/22/2019 9/21/2019 9/21/2019 $5.00 $0.00 $3.00 9/22/2019
Equipment: Only USATT approved equipment will be used. 10 Tournament style tables,3 star 40+ white balls.
Referee: Igor Knelev -CR
  • Tournament management may modify, combine, or cancel events based on the number of entries. General rule: event is canceled  if less than 4 players signed up prior to event start time. The tournament will be canceled if the total of registered players on the night before tournament date is less than 12.  
  • Round robin group sizes are determined on an event-by-event basis based on a number of factors (with the main determinant being the number of participants).
  • All USA Table Tennis and GHTTC rules and regulations apply.
  • Wear dark, solid colored shirts, tennis shoes or sneakers.
  • All events are best 3 out of 5 games unless otherwise specified. The Open SE Finals matches will be 4 out of 7 games
  • All unrated players participating in a USATT rated event will be given an estimated rating for seeding purposes.
  • Unrated players will not advance out of a rated - round robin event to crossover competition or win prizes.
  • Unrated players can advance in open, age and other unrated events.
  • Doubles Event Fee is per player
USATT Mem?: No
Venue: Wilson-Gray YMCA Youth and Family Center, 444 Albany Ave, Hartford, CT.

Scheduled Events
Name Format Time Event Fee Max Entries
Prize Schedule
1st 2nd 3rd 4th
Sun, September 15
Open Non-Sanctioned RR RR 10:00 AM $15.00 24
T T    
Open Singles Giant RR RR 12:00 PM $25.00 24
100 50